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IS 228 Goals

2014-2015 CEP Goals

By June 2015, the principal and assistant principals will meet or exceed the minimum number of observations (as mandated under options 1-4) and provide teachers with formative feedback and professional development to support improved practice in competencies across the Danielson Framework.

By June 2015, teacher teams will modify and implement curriculum units in math, ELA, social studies and science. These units will include rigorous tasks that engage students and are in alignment with CCLS.

By June 2015, students from all sub groups will meet AYP on the 8th grade NYS science exam.

By June 2015, the number of at risk students who meet regularly for mentoring will increase by 10% via STOMP (Student Teacher Outreaching Mentoring Program) and a second guidance counselor.

By December of 2015 all teachers of the four major subject areas will post weekly homework on the school website so that families can be continuously informed throughout the school year of given assignments and due dates essential to student success.