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03/19 - Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

posted Mar 19, 2013, 9:51 AM by Chris Peyser   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 2:56 PM ]


Today’s Topics: Digital Footprint, Internet Safety, Sexting & Cyberbullying

I (10 minutes) Introductions

II (5 minutes) Presentation “Digital Natives: as parents, how can we help?”

III (90 minutes) We will be covering 4 topics. The length of time we spend on each topic might vary according to the discussions we have:

  • Sexting

    • Pressure

    • Consequences

IV - (10 minutes) Workshop Survey, please go to

V (5 minutes) Closing and goodbye

Agenda del Taller para Padres

Tema de hoy: Marca Digital, Seguridad en Internet, Sexting y Acoso Cibernético

I (10 minutos) Presentaciones

II (5 minutos) Presentación "Nativos digitales: como padres, ¿cómo podemos ayudar?"

III(90 minutos) Vamos a cubrir cuatro temas. La cantidad de tiempo que pasemos en cada tema puede variar de acuerdo a las discusiones que tengamos:

  • Seguridad en Internet

    • Más allá de los depredadores, ¿qué implica estar seguro en línea?

    • Buenas prácticas familiares

  • Sexting

    • Presión de grupo

    • Consecuencias

IV (10 minutos) Encuesta Final, por favor vaya a

V (5 minutos) Cierre y despedida


02/06/2012 - Academic Online Resources & Strategies for Math, SS & Science

posted Feb 6, 2013, 12:24 PM by Chris Peyser   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 4:41 PM ]

Today’s Topics: Academic Online Resources & Strategies for Math, Social Studies & Science

4:00 pm - Introductions

4:10 pm - Review Common Core and how it relates to Content Areas
4:15 pm - Exploring websites/ Resources

  • Remember - look at these resources through the lens of Common Core
    • Does the Content being taught relate to the Common Core standards - check the CC website?
    • How will my child gain a deeper understanding of the content area?
    • How will my child be able to use these resources to think deeper about problem solving or supporting an argument or position?
    • Does this resource offer an authentic experience with the information and the opportunity to apply that new knowledge in an interesting or deeper way?
    • How can I challenge my child to use the knowledge he is gaining using this resource to explain, defend or support an idea or position?
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Things to keep in mind when looking for resources...

  • Look at the votes
  • Is it a video, activity or game?
  • What competency does it belong to?
  • Play the game yourself! See what it’s about.
  • Science Games
  • Animal Games for Kids
 NBC Learn
Google Earth for desktop
Google Earth (must download)

5:55 pm - Workshop Survey, please go to

6:00 pm - Closing and goodbye


Presentation - Academic Online Resources

01/30/2012 - Academic Online Literacy Resources & Strategies

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Today’s Topics: Academic Online Literacy Resources & Strategies

6:00 pm - Introductions

6:10 pm - Video: Why Common Core?

6:15 pm - Discussion (handout):

6:45 pm - Exploring websites:  

NYC Department of Education
  • NYC DOE Common Core Standards Information for Parents
  • Common Core Standards
  • Homework Helper

    • A+ Papers
    • Writing Tips
    • Writer’s Toolbox
7:45 pm - Workshop Survey, please go to

7:55 pm - Closing and goodbye


Presentation - ELA Online Resources

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