Hello. Please review our website for tomorrow's Monday September 21's schedule. All students are expected to be on their grade level google classrooms by 8:20. Classes will begin promptly at 8:30am. Please follow the schedule based off your last name. Zoom links will be in each of the assignments. Assignments will appear at 8am. We are following a 7 period schedule. You will have a break and lunch where you are not expected to be by the computer. There is one period of Asynchronous instruction for Arts, Technology and Phys Ed assignments. Attendance must be complete before 11:30am. At 11:30am it is closed. All assignments are to be submitted by end of day at 2pm.
Synchronous (Live) Instruction: This is live instruction that occurs on zoom/google meet. This is 20 minutes at the beginning of the period. All major subject areas (Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA) will have live instruction everyday. There will be a zoom link provided.
Asynchronous (not Live) Instruction: This is a self paced assignment that students complete on their own. There can be videos, websites, writing prompts, and other activities for students to complete. There is no zoom link for asynchronous instruction. Minors & Physical Education will always occur as asynchronous Instruction.
Just a reminder we are reprogramming classes so you are not following a specific class. Once classes have been finalized we will let you know. We are only working off our grade level classes (Class of 2021, 2022, or 2023). Thank you, Mrs. Liberta, Mrs. Agostinacchio, & Mrs. Johnson
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