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Reopening of Middle Schools for In Person Learning

Middle Schools will be welcoming new students on April 26 to Blended Learning. All students returning back to school must have a COVID Consent Form filled out saying yes to test. If you say no or do not fill out a consent form you will be automatically changed to remote learning.
All student schedules are posted on their grade level google classrooms. 
Updated Blended Learning Students Info:
  • Must already be a blended student to return in person
  • Must have a consent form that says yes to testing
  • Must attend school in person the days you are scheduled to come in (students that do not show up in person will automatically be changed to remote)
There is no option for any other students to return to blended learning at this time. 
NY Schools Account Information & COVID Consent form directions:
Health Screening for In Person Learning-
Please review as the questions have been updated.