ART 1:

The Art magnet class is an environment that challenges students to become creative problem solvers, express ideas and explore and discover a wide range of art styles, materials, and techniques. Our amazing art studio is equipped with drafting tables that enable students to work on their art in a professional setting.

The Visual Arts program offers students comprehensive art experiences with detailed exploration in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, graphic design, and crafts. Students view, analyze, and discuss works of art. They share ideas and learn to write artist's statements. The program is in line with the Blueprint for Visual Arts and students work towards building a high quality portfolio for High School Entrance exams.

Student-artists exhibit their work both within the school as well as throughout the community. 

6th Grade: Sixth grade students learn art terms and vocabulary. They practice planning and organizing their artwork. Students learn about the elements and principles of art and how to use them. They will begin to think creatively.  The students will be introduced to a variety of tools, techniques and Artists.

7th Grade:  Seventh grade students engage in the creative process and  problem solving skills. They are exposed to many new Artists and Art Movements. They work on advancing their skills and techniques. Seventh grade students will work with a greater variety of materials. They will begin to develop their portfolios.

8th Grade: Eighth grade students will work towards creating a strong body of work for their portfolios. Students will begin to find their own artistic voice, taking greater risks in their art. Students will work on combining knowledge, skills and creative self expression to create polished and complete works of art.
ART 2:

Students are encouraged to explore art activities with the goal of feeling good and expressing themselves. The classroom environment is welcoming for artists at any skill level, allowing them to use their current art abilities to respond to engaging art prompts. 

This class blends Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and traditional art lessons that engage students and allow them to connect to each art piece they create. 

Students are provided a hard-bound sketchbook that they use in class and may also use outside of the classroom. The introduction to the sketchbook begins in 6th grade and evolves until 8th grade. 

This class serves as a safe space for students to express themselves in a creative way.

6th Grade:

Students are introduced to topics in expressive arts. 

Students will explore art materials in ways they have not explored in their school career.

Introduction to mindfulness art making.

Open studio or sketchbook days will develop and reinforce student understandings of the elements and principles of art and design.