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Class of 2024

Assistant Principal

Ms. Liberta-Cotto

718-375-7635 ext. 4111

[email protected]


6th Grade Dean

Ms. Escobar-Monti

718-375-7635 ext 4113

[email protected]


Tech Support

Ms. Joudeh

[email protected]



6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Fabbricatore

718-375-7635 ext 4072

[email protected]


All up to date 6th Grade information: 

REMIND APP: @dab2024

Grade Level Google Classroom: Class of 2024

  • Picture Day- is November 1st. Students received picture day notices yesterday. Students will drop picture day money to room 203B. 
  • Lockers- All students have been assigned a locker. By next Friday October 22, students must have a lock to put on their locker. We sell locks in the school for $5 or your child can bring in their own lock. Students must hang up their jackets in their lockers everyday. They can go to the lockers only beginning of period 1, right before lunch, and end of period 8. 
  • Headphones-As part of the general supply list this year, students were asked to bring in headphones. Please kindly make sure that they have them everyday as they need them for instructional purposes. 
  • ID Cards- We will be giving out new ID cards today. It is important that students have these cards everyday. They need to have them out in the morning to swipe once they get upstairs in the 4th floor gym. They will not be swiping at lunch. 
  • Pupil Path- All students received instructions on how to sign up for Pupil Path for parent & student access. If you still have not received the information please email me and I will email the instructions to you. Pupil path is where you can monitor your child's academics, as well as their attendance. 
  • Progress Reports-If your child is in danger of failing, half way through each of the quarters, teachers will be sending home a progress report to inform you. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at anytime or contact me on the Remind App. 
  • Blue Cards- All families should have filled out a blue card. If you have not done so please do so immediately. If your child does not have a blue card, and gets sick we cannot release your child without a blue card on file. (Blue Cards were completed: NYC Schools Account, Google Classroom Electronically OR an actual Blue card)
Parent Apps:
  • NYC Schools Account- Please make sure that you have updated your blue card information if you have not done so already. 
  • Pupil Path- All families should be monitoring their child's academic success.
  • Remind App- Keep in the know of what is going on at I.S. 228
As always any questions can go to:
Ms. Liberta-Cotto  Assistant Principal:          [email protected]
Ms. Monti              Dean                                [email protected]
Ms. Fabbricatore  Guidance Counselor        [email protected]

Thank you for signing your child up for our Student Orientation. We are very excited to have your child come and explore David A. Boody. 


At this time, if your child is not signed up for the Google Classroom, please email me for the username and password to sign into google classroom and complete the registration forms under classwork before your child's Student Orientation.

Class of 2024 class will pop up when you sign in. 

Orientation Date/Time: (Check your email for your specific time and date)


Health Screening:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time with the health screening complete.  You will line up on the fence at the main entrance. The health screening can only be completed that morning. Your child will sign in using their doe username and password. To be cleared to enter the building you must receive a green screen(see below). If it is red your child cannot come into the building.


Supplies for Orientation: Your child will need a mask, and their doe laptop. 

Drop Off & Pick Up: 

All students will be dropped off and picked up at the front of the building (Avenue S and West 4th). Please kindly wait outside and do not come into the building. We will dismiss them from the front door. Please take the opportunity that day to show your child how to take transportation if that is something they will be doing in September, so they begin to get comfortable coming to and from school.  This is a reminder to all parents, your child is now in middle school, we do not do pickup. All children are released and are allowed to walk and leave on their own. Please kindly make sure that you communicate with your child how they will get to and from orientation and as well as school the first day. If you are picking up your child, make sure they know they need to wait by the gate of the school. We will of course support you in this transition and will wait with them. 

Supplies for sale: 

During the orientation days we will be selling some of our needed school items.

-David A. Boody Laptop Sleeves

-David A. Boody Water Bottles

-Locks for lockers

If you are interested in any of these items, please check out our price list. Please give the money to your child in an envelope with their name on the front and the exact items you will be purchasing. We will provide them with the items before they leave from orientation. These are just suggested items for sale you do not have to buy them from us. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me back.

Have a great day! 

Laptop/I-Pad Distribution begins tomorrow July 27-August 19. If you have not done so already, please sign up. 
July 27,28,29
August 3,4,5,10,11,12,17, 18, 19
Students with wifi at home will be able to come and pick up their laptop for the school year.
If you have a DOE IPAD & have wifi at home, you will then trade the IPAD in for a DOE Laptop.
August 10,11,12,17,18,19
If you do not have wifi at home you will receive an IPAD. Ipad distribution will begin in August.
Please let me know if you have any questions: [email protected]




2021-2022 6th Grade Checklist
  • I reviewed the Parent Orientation Slides
  • As a parent/guardian, I signed up for the REMIND APP
  • As a parent/Guardian, I have access to my child’s NYC Schools Account
  • My child is signed up for the grade level google classroom, Class of 2024
    • We have completed the Programming Form
    • My child is signed up for an In Person Student Orientation
    • We have completed the Blue Card
    • We have uploaded a Picture for my child’s Student ID
    • We have received or already have a DOE device 
    • We have reviewed the Supply List
    • We have uploaded the Medical Form
    • My child is completing the Summer Homework
    • My child completed the Scavenger Hunt 
    • I have received the first I.S. 228 Email Blast
  • Principal's Address
  • Assistant Principal Contact Information
  • Important 6th Grade Contacts
  • 6th Grade Remind App- SIGN UP ASAP
  • NYC Schools Account /DOE Email Addresses- SIGN UP ASAP
  • Google Classroom (Grade Level)- SIGN UP ASAP
  • Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Mock Schedule
  • Lockers
  • General Supply List
  • Main Office Procedures
  • Documents (Posted & filled out Grade Level Google Classroom)
  • Blue Cards-FILL OUT ASAP
  • Programming Forms-FILL OUT ASAP
  • Magnet Choice 
  • Technology
  • Dual Language
  • Transportation Needs 
  • Student Picture for ID Card-FILL OUT ASAP
  • Medical Form-DUE SEPTEMBER 13
  • Summer Homework-DUE SEPTEMBER 13
  • After School Sign Up
  • I.S. 228 Website Scavenger Hunt
  • Bridg-it
  • PTA Sales


Good Morning Parents, Guardians, and Class of 2024, 


First and foremost, I hope that everyone is well and safe during these challenging times.


My name is Mrs. Liberta-Cotto and I will be the 6th grade Assistant Principal for the Class of 2024. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the David A Boody family.  We are very excited to welcome you and your child in September.


I will be here, guiding you and your children, to make sure that the transition from elementary school to middle school is as smooth as possible. The Boody family is here to assist you with all your concerns. 


With that being said, we will be conducting our initial orientation virtually this year ‪on June 30, 2021‬. This is where you and your child will hear from our amazing Principal, Mr. Dominick D'Angelo welcoming the Class of 2024. You will log onto and click on Class of 2024 and the link will be posted at 9AM. The orientation will not be live and can be accessed as many times as you may need. We will also be conducting Q& A via zoom and will post the zoom links on our website. There will be forms and activities that we are asking you to complete and return as soon as you can so we can prepare for September. Our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Alexa Calisto will be assisting along the way. 


During this time, we will begin discussing topics such as: What will school look like in September, Google Classroom, Student ID Cards, After school, Supply lists, Summer Homework, Magnet programs, Dual Language Programs, bussing and any other concerns or questions you may have .


If you would like to get a head-start, you can begin by downloading the Remind App and join the Class of 2024. Code is @dab2024. We are asking every parent to sign up. I will be using this app to send out information now and throughout the next three years. The Remind App is also the fastest way to get in touch with me via the chat option. My name on the app is AP Liberta-Cotto and the Parent Coordinator is Alexa Parent Coord.


Instructions to download the Remind App:

  • Go to the app store and download app: REMIND APP

  • Create an account with email or phone number (everything is private)

  • Confirm

  • Put in your first name, last name, password

  • Click I am a parent

  • Confirm 

  • Put in class code: @dab2024


I hope everyone stays safe and healthy! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Mrs. Liberta-Cotto 

6th Grade Assistant Principal 

[email protected]