About IS 228

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Our Vision:

We envision our school as a community where all stakeholders are actively engaged as life long learners. Our paramount goal is to empower all students with the necessary skills to become college and career ready. All members of our school community will be responsible for creating a nurturing environment that supports rigorous learning delivered through a high quality curriculum aligned to the common core.

Our Students:

Enrollment: 1415 in Grades 6-8

Special Education: Grades 6-8

ICT: Grades 6-8


  • White - 36%
  • Asian - 28%
  • Latino - 25%
  • Black - 8%
  • Other- 3%

Average Class Size: 30 students

Student Attendance: 94%

NY State Accountability Status: In Good Standing

Title I School

ELLs - ESL Program and Transitional

Our Teachers:

Our staff is a dedicated and talented group of educators.

  • 100% are highly qualified
  • 90% completed a masters degree program
  • 95% have been teaching more than 4 years

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School Leadership Team:

  • Dominick A. D'Angelo, Principal, ddangelo3@schools.nyc.gov
  • Scott Herman, Assistant Principal of Instruction
  • Cristen Agostinacchio, Assistant Principal, Grade 6
  • Stacy Karan, Dean, Grade 6
  • Yael Ben-Moshe, Assistant Principal, Grade 7
  • Cristina Cotto-Liberta, Grade 7; IA AP
  • Theresa Johnson, Assistant Principal, Grade 8
  • Nihal Boz, Dean, Grade 8
  • Betty Tang, Guidance Counselor
  • Victoria Cama, School Psychologist
  • Frances Favaloro, Executive Assistant
  • Gina Poggi, Parent Coordinator
  • Melissa Harmon, PTA President