Council for Unity

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Our Mission at Council for Unity is to teach students to follow:

The Four Pillars

The Council for Unity’s “Four Pillars” are principles which underlie all of its work. These pillars form the basis of all curricula taught throughout the Council’s network – schools, kids’ clubs, correctional facilities, community organizations and parent groups.


Members treat each other with respect, creating an atmosphere of warmth and trust that allows them to grow and thrive.


Members work to bring together all constituencies in the school or community to create an environment of safety and tolerance.


Members have opportunities to develop their skills, talents, and resources. Confidence building, not destructive competition, is the key to participants’ motivation.


Youth run the programs. Responsibility cannot be taught; it must be experienced.

The Dragon Slayer

The "Dragonslayer" in the Council for Unity curriculum is used to illustrate how members can overpower their fears or overcome the obstacles in their lives.

The myth of the Dragonslayer is about a young boy who answered the king's call for help in fighting the dragon. A wolf took the boy to a cave where he found a sword that "was hard enough to shatter granite". The boy also found a "mask that cast laser-like beams out the slits of the eyes". Using the mask and the sword, the boy was able to defeat the dragon and rescue the king's daughter and all the people of his kingdom. In the Council for Unity curriculum, the dragon symbolizes what's holding us back from being the best that we can be.

Slaying dragons is tough work, but teachers and students at IS 228 are giving it their best shot. IS 228 presents the Dragon Slayer Musical, an adaptation of Robert De Sena's Story this winter, Thursday, February 12, 2015.

In the musical, bullies and their targets band together to fight a "digital dragon" terrorizing their school, and peace and unity prevails.

“Council For Unity (CFU) has been a tremendous tool in transforming the culture & climate at IS 228 – David A. Boody Middle School over the past six (6) years. CFU has been embedded into our curriculum and after school programs.

CFU has been a powerful game changer in our efforts to create a Bully – Free Zone at Boody. Every school and student in NYC needs Council for Unity !“

- Dominick D'Angelo