Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program

STOMP turns 5!

STOMP has been going strong at Boody for 5 years now! Small groups of diverse students meet with in-house teachers to foster positive relationships between students and to empower students in becoming active members of their school community. Small groups meet their facilitators on Tuesdays during their lunch period.

Small group activities activities include:

    • Winter snowflakes of gratitude for teachers
    • Candy canes of gratitude for peers
    • Inspirational/Motivational Speakers
    • Small Group Discussions
    • Trips to institutions such as museums and theaters
    • Academic and social-skills building projects
    • College Readiness - HS/College School Visits
    • Career Readiness- Meet & Greet with Professionals

Please visit the NYCDOE's page on Respect For All initiative here to see how you could also help promote "inclusion and respect for all people of all backgrounds."