Blended Calendar- Cohort A & B

Posted to the right are the blended calendars. Click the picture to expand. 
Our reopening plans are posted under Parents & Families please review.
All students coming in must have a health screening complete every morning before arriving. 
All COVID protocols are still in place. 
Cohort B-begins on February 25
Cohort A- begins on March 2
All students must consent to test to return to school. Students that do not hand in consent forms will be moved to remote learning. Once you are remote you cannot switch to blended learning. 
Metro-cards will be given out the first day of school.
School buses that were already running before for in person students will be running again. (Any questions on bussing please contact Ms. Alexa.)
Reminder for blended students. When students are in school they will following their in person schedule and the students that are learning from home will be following their remote schedules. Schedules are posted on their grade level google classrooms. 
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