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Tenet 2: School Leader Practices and Decisions

60% of teachers will show growth in domain 3b of the Danielson Framework as evidenced by the Advance teacher observation system.

Tenet 3: Curriculum Development and Support

60% of all students will increase their Lexile level by 25 points. This will be evidenced by the I-Ready growth report.

Tenet 4: Teacher Practices and Decisions

Teacher teams will analyze student data across disciplines at the classroom and school level to make decisions regarding instruction and curriculum. This will be evidenced by 65% of all students showing an increase of two points on the MOSL performance task scores.

Tenet 5: Student Social and Emotional Developmental Health

An inquiry team will be put in place to track and support targeted ELL/SWD students in their social emotional and academic development. It will be evidenced by an increase in overall GPA.

Tenet 6: Family and Community Engagement

40% of students' parents or guardians will use Datacation to track student progress. The data gathered from this source will be used to facilitate engagement initiatives to support student academic and social-emotional growth..


Instructional focus: This year we will implement engaging and rigorous lessons that meet the needs of all students. In order to meet that goal, we will engage teachers in PD and provide group as well as one-on-one coaching support in the following instructional imperatives:

  • Offering Interdisciplinary activities and common planning
  • Building Lessons Plans instilled with rigor and challenges
  • Using Formative Assessments as daily instructional and data gathering practices


School Theme: PULSE!