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Dual Language Programs

Spanish - Mandarin - Russian

What is Dual Language?

Dual language is literacy and core content instruction through two languages. Parents who enroll their children in a Dual Language program at David A. Boody are expected to make a three year commitment.


Our Program is Unique:

The Dual Language programs at David A. Boody are aligned to citywide goals and the Common Core Learning Standards. In doing so, students are prepared for academic and career success the moment they enter our doors. Our program reflects the collaborative efforts of our district, staff, and professional development consultants.

Dual Language teachers receive ample professional development support so that they can develop language objectives in addition to content objectives. They are trained and coached in research-based strategies in order to make instruction accessible to all students.

Program Design:

Dual Language students receive home language instruction in Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.

  • Language choices: Spanish, Mandarin, or Russian
  • Literacy is taught in both the home language and English
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) services are provided to support our students who are recent immigrants
  • Students are also enrolled in cultural enrichment classes to provide rich context for learning
  • After school enrichment is provided for Dual Language students and English Language Learners (ELLs) in Russian, Italian, and Chinese.
  • In order to strengthen parent support and communication, free adult ESL classes are offered every Wednesday evening.

Plans for the Future:

We are planning to expand our program to include Hebrew. Currently, we offer Hebrew-speaking students an engaging after school program. We look forward to serving these students in our community in the future.

How do I enroll my child?

All 5th grade parents wishing to enroll their child in a Dual Language program at David A. Boody must complete the following:

1. Attend an open house.

2. Complete the screening process, which includes a parent interview with the program director and a student assessment.

3. If your child qualifies and is accepted into the program, sign a commitment letter.

4. Register the child at David A. Boody.

5. Attend a Parent Orientation session during the summer before classes begin.