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Grading Policy




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Dominick A. D’Angelo, Principal


Dear David A. Boody Community,


You may have heard that the NYC Department of Education has updated their grading policy for remote learning. I am writing to you today to explain this new policy, how it affected things at Boody and to explain your child’s report card. Reports cards are available as of June 26th on Pupilpath. If you have any questions about your child’s grade please contact their grade level Assistant Principal.


As per this new policy; “Grades are a way to communicate about progress with students and families, and teachers must continue to assess student work and provide meaningful feedback about what students are learning. Grades must be as clear and accurate as possible while also taking into consideration the varied circumstances that students and schools are facing. First and foremost, we must support students to advance in their learning through June and beyond.” This grading policy allows for several flexibilities:


  • Student access to devices
  • Expectations for due dates and submission of late work
  • The applicability of pre-determined assignments – some assignments may not be practical or valid in a remote setting
  • The way in which assignments are scored


        When we started remote learning on March 23rd we were one week into the 4th marking period. As always your child will receive a numerical grade for the 4th quarter on their report card that will take into account the above flexibilities.  Your child’s report card will look very different when you look at the final grade. The final grade will no longer be an average of the four marking periods but a code that will take into consideration all four quarters of work done by the student.


Marking Period 5 grades


Students who will receive this grade


Meets grade level standards

Year-end average of 75 or above


Needs Improvement

Year-end average of 74-65


·      Insufficient work to calculate a final grade

·      8th grade regents students will receive an NX in place of a failing grade.

·      Year-end average of 64 or below

·      Students who have documented extenuating circumstances

·      Students in a regents class who have not met the NYS requirement for receiving regents credit




This new grading policy will impact some changes for students:

  • Arista society induction, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and other recognitions will not take into account the 4thquarter grades of this school year. Only the first 3 marking periods will be used to calculate recognitions.
  • The City will provide clarification on who will be going to summer school and what summer school will look like.
  • Boody will be looking at various data sources of current 6th and 7th graders to determine who will be in honors and/or regents classes for the next school year. 



Dominick D’Angelo, Principal