Regents OPT IN: Last Day to OPT IN is Friday, June 4

Do students need to take the regents exam?

In a regular year, students need to pass the course and the exam in order to earn credit for the regents. This year the exam requirement has been waived if the student has an average of 65 or above in that class.  This means that any student that passes their class does not have to take the regents exam.



But Students can Opt In to take the Regents

Students that are currently in Living Environment and Algebra I will have the opportunity to OPT in to take the Regents Exams.

OPT IN by June 2:

Families will receive a Google form  later in May to OPT in to take the Regents Exams.


How will Regents Exams be administered?

Regents exams will be administered in-person to Remote or Blended students who are interested in taking the exam.

Will students be entitled to Regents waivers if they take Regents exams administered in June 2021?

Yes.  Even if students take the June 2021 Regents Examinations, they are still entitled to the corresponding Regents waiver if they meet the eligibility criteria (pass the course).

If a student takes a Regents exam in June 2021, must the school record the student’s score on the transcript alongside Regents waivers?

(5/14/21) Guidance on how to record a student’s performance on a June 2021 Regents exam is forthcoming. This guidance will ensure that the best possible outcome is displayed on students’ transcripts for a given exam, regardless of whether they take the Regents. Taking a June 2021 Regents exam will not impact a student’s eligibility for the Regents waiver.

Can students who receive exam waivers still earn an advanced Regents Diploma?

Yes. Any students granted waiver(s) from assessment requirements due to COVID-19 are not required to pass such exam(s) necessary for any diploma type.  This includes advanced Regents diplomas.

Will my high school accept my regents class and move me on to the next course?

For the most part the answer is yes you will receive credit and move on. But in the past some high schools have wanted to students to get a high score in order to move on. This is something that only your high school can answer and they may not know the answer yet. 

I am moving out of NYC next year, will the regents  go with me?

NY state is the only state that accepts regents exams but most states will look at your transcript and move you on.


Additional Questions?

Email Ms Johnson at with additional questions

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