High School Information and Waitlist Updates

High School Update
High School Questions: btang@schools.nyc.gov
 Dear families,  


Interested in learning more about high school offers and waitlists for students entering high school this fall? Join us for a virtual information session in June!  


At each event, we’ll cover topics like how to check your position on a waitlist, find high school programs with available seats, and take any next steps in the admissions process. After the presentation, we will respond to your questions. Please note the content of each event is the same. Three events are hosted in English with interpretation services provided. Two events are hosted in Spanish and Mandarin, respectively. Please see below for details on each event: 

  • June 1: 6pm to 7:30pm | Event held in English; interpretation provided in: Cantonese, Spanish, Urdu 

  • June 3: 1pm to 2:30pm | Event held in English; interpretation provided in: Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian  

  • June 5, 1pm to 2:30pm| Event held in English; interpretation provided in: Arabic, Bangla, French  

  • June 8, 6pm to 7:30pm | Event held in Spanish only. Interpretation is not available. 

  • June 10, 6pm to 7:30pm | Event held in Mandarin only. Interpretation is not available. 


No registration is required to join! At least 24 hours before the event, you’ll receive an email reminder with more information on how to join these virtual events, as well as how to get interpretation support in your language, (see available languages above).  

Please note that event dates or details are subject to change:  check our website for the most current list of dates and language supports for events. 


Can’t attend, or want to learn more? 


Thank you,  

The High School Admissions Team, Office of Student Enrollment


Additional languages available:










 Update 6/8/21

 High school waitlists are now open! All 8th grade and first-time 9th grade students can join waitlists for fall 2021 high school admissions. Now that waitlists are open, families and school staff can do the following: 


  • Families can see the waitlists their child is on, view their child’s position on each waitlist, and add their child to additional waitlists in MySchools (myschools.nyc).
  • School staff can also see the waitlists their current students are on, view each student’s waitlist position, and add their current students to additional waitlists in MySchools (school.myschools.nyc).
  • High school staff can begin making offers to students on their waitlist.
  • If a student receives a waitlist offer, the family or their current school can accept or decline that offer.


Waitlists will close in August 2021.


 Additional information from the DOE website regarding High School waitlists:


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