Class of 2022: SHSAT Updates

 The SHSAT will be on Thursday December 2, 2021 at I.S. 228 to all students who have registered in advance.

SHSAT tickets for registered students are now available in MySchools:

  • Families who have accounts in MySchools and have added their child can download their test ticket from the family-facing MySchools site ( 

1. Print and Review Test Tickets:

  •  Each student’s ticket includes their test date, arrival time, test location, and testing accommodations.
  • Students will be receiving printed copies of their test tickets in school prior to the day of the test.   
  • The testing, Specialized High Schools and the preference order from their SHSAT registration in MySchools are listed on each student’s test ticket.
2. Reminders and preparation for the day of the test: 
  • Arrival time for 8th grade students testing at I.S. 228:  students should arrive at 7:30am on December 2.
  • Students who do not have extended time testing accommodations have 180 minutes to take the exam. Students in this situation will finish their exam approximately 4 hours after the arrival time on their test ticket.
  • Students who have extended time testing accommodations have up to 360 minutes to take the exam, plus two 15-minute breaks. Students in this situation will finish their exam anywhere from 4 to 8 hours after their arrival time, depending on how much time the student needs to take the exam.
  • Students should get lots of sleep the night before the test and eat breakfast that morning. 
  • Each student must complete the DOE health screening questionnaire the morning of the test, and be ready to show the results to the test site when they arrive. Anyone (including students and family members) entering DOE buildings will not be allowed entry without this completed questionnaire.
  •   Students should bring sharpened Number 2 pencils, erasers, water, and a silent non-calculator watch to keep time. Any student may bring a highlighter, a pencil grip, a magnifying glass, or a slant board if needed.
  •   Students should not bring cameras or personal electronic devices such as a calculator, calculator watch, smart watch, MP3 player/iPod, tablet/iPad, or eBook reader. Cell phones must be turned off and not in use while in the building. 
  • If a student gets sick at the test site, they should tell staff as soon as possible. Sick students will be sent home, and they can request a make-up test through their current school counselor. Students who miss the test due to illness should request a make-up test date through their current school counselor.
  • Test preparation and practice tests are on our website.
Resources for schools and families:


Please contact us at with any questions.

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