I.S. 228 is currently CAPPED to new students.

At this time, the Department of Education has capped our school. We are no longer taking any new students in for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. For any students that just moved to the neighborhood that does not currently have a seat at I.S. 228, you will need to contact the enrollment office to find your new placement. 
  • 415 89th Street, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY | Districts Served: 13, 20, 21 / Director: Josephine Stabile

Need a School or Have Questions?

Family Welcome Centers serve NYC families all year round with enrollment and admissions. Our staff members provide remote support Monday through Friday via email, phone, or video conference. 

To request support and/or set up an appointment, please complete and submit this form:

  • When we receive your form, we will call or email you to support with your request. We’ll make every effort to respond in three business days.
  • Please do NOT submit duplicate requests by form and/or email; doing so may further delay our response time. We are grateful for your patience.
  • Need help accessing or submitting the online form? Call 718-935-2828 for assistance.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a great summer! 

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