Beginning of the Year Procedures

All students are attached to a grade level google classroom. We are asking all families to please check this google classroom everyday, it is where all of our school wide information will be posted. 
6th Grade: Class of 2024
7th Grade: Class of 2023
8th Grade: Class of 2022
  1. Please make sure your child returns to school in September with all the necessary immunizations.  (Students entering grade 6 are required to have a TDAP shot)  Any child missing immunizations will be excluded from school.
  2. Please make sure complete your child’s blue card as soon as possible on your child's grade level google classroom. Students will be released ONLY to those adults listed on the blue card. This year you will fill out the Blue card on the grade level google classroom and on the NYC Schools Account.  (Make sure any name you list on your blue card matches the ID of the adult)
  3. Please do not call the school or send in a note asking us to release your child to someone who is not on the blue card. If you need to update your child’s blue card you will be able to do so directly on NYC Schools Account.
  4. We MUST have a lunch form for all registered students.  Please make sure you complete the form and return it to school in September. It is posted on your child's grade level google classroom. 
  5. ID CARDS: All students will each receive a school ID card. Students are required to swipe in each morning and at lunch.  It is imperative that your child has their ID cards on them at all times. They cannot lose the card.
  6. MetroCards: We are given a limited supply of bus passes and often cannot replace a lost one immediately.  Please make sure your child keeps his/her bus pass in a safe place. 
  7. While we understand that emergencies do occur, we ask you to refrain from calling the school to speak to your child.  Calling down a student to the office disrupts instruction for the entire class. Please contact the main office, and the message will be relayed. Do not call or text your child’s cell-phone during the day. If your child is on their cell phone it will be confiscated.
  8. In the event your child is not feeling well, we ask you to remind your child to visit our nurse.  The nurse is located in Room 110. Students should not call home without going to the nurse if they are ill.
  9. If your child will be absent from school we ask you will fill out the absentee form that will be posted on our school website homepage. 
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