I.S. 228 After School Information

After School

Cristina Liberta-Cotto, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Schneider, Assistant Principal

Shani Long-Boxill, Community School Director

Shakeya Stephenson, Community Coordinator

Alexa Calisto, Parent Coordinator/Empire Coordinator

Krista Pollina, 21st Century After-School Assistant Coordinator


I.S. 228 After School Program

While the main focus in the program will be on academic enrichment and remediation, other components will focus on building social, physical, and emotional development through activities in fitness, sports, visual arts, culture, science, math, and technology.

The I.S. 228 After School program has three major components:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Youth Development
  • Parent/Family Literacy Services

Supported by:

Empire State Afterschool Program (NIA)


After School Sessions:

After School begins October 11. We will be having a virtual orientation before this date. 




  • Boys Basketball (JV, Varsity)
  • Girls Basketball (JV, Varsity)


*As per DOE guidance, all students participating in high risk sports must be fully vaccinated. Must have at least 1 shot of the vaccination to be able to try out.


High-risk sports include football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, stunt, and rugby. Vaccination will also be required for participation in bowling, because while not a high-risk sport, it takes place in spaces that require vaccination. (https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-life/health-and-wellness/sports-and-staying-active/public-schools-athletic-league )


Special Education Recovery Services

  • Students with IEPs are entitled to receive recovery services in the after-school program
  • This includes academic instruction (ELA and math) as well as Related Services (Speech, OT, PT, etc.)
  • The services are determined by the student’s progress on their IEP goals


Health and Safety

 The health and safety of students and staff are the utmost priority when considering offering after-school programming.

  • Programming will only be offered to participants that are present for the school day.
  • Once after-school schedules are established, students must keep that schedule for the semester.
  • By signing your child up for after-school you are acknowledging that your child will be in contact with additional students and staff for the day.
  • We will not be able to accommodate switching of classes once program begins; as this will encourage cross contamination.
  • Students who feel ill during after-school will have their temperatures checked by the nurse.
  • Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from programming.
  • Snack: Students will receive a free snack from School Foods. They can bring their own snack but cannot share. 
  • Classrooms: All afterschool programs will follow DOE protocol when in classrooms. 
Code of Conduct
 All school rules will be enforced.
  • It is expected that students participate in all assigned activities.
  • Students must be respectful of staff, other participants and school property.
  • Zero tolerance for bullying.
  • Physical force against other students or staff is prohibited and will result in suspension or removal from after-school.
  • Cell phones are not allowed during after-school.
  • Students may use the phone in room 113 if they need to contact a parent.
  • If parents need to contact their child please call the school at:
  • (718) 375-7635 ext. 1132
  • Students are expected to maintain consistent attendance in afterschool.
  • Attendance is taken daily. It is imperative that your child signs in for each class.
  • You will receive a call/text if your child is absent.
  • Excessive absences will result in removal from program.
  • If your child needs to remove a class from their schedule, please contact program staff.
  • We will not remove a class without parent permission.
  • Dismissal times are 4:00 PM and 5:15 PM. For NIA it will be 5:15 only. 
  • Students are not allowed to leave the building alone before their designated dismissal times.
  • In the event of an emergency, parents must call the school in advanced so we can have students ready for pickup.
  • You must be an authorized adult to pick up a student before their designated dismissal times.
  • *Excessive early pickups may result in removal from program.
  • If you are running late, please call the main office, or send a message on Remind APP.
  • Bussing services are not available for after school.
  • All students are considered walkers. If you are picking up your child they will be waiting by the front gate.


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