2022 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival- Student Artwork Chosen

We are proud to announce we had 3 students artwork chosen for the upcoming 2022 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival. They had had to decline many beautiful works of art due to space considerations, so these 3 pieces of work is among the select 240 works that will be on display. The Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival of 2022 will be held at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The reception will take place between on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. 
Teacher: Digital Arts Teacher Ms. Doerrer
Student Name: Kalian LyArtwork Title: Cartoon Selfie, Photopea- Digital DrawingStudent Grade: 6
Student Name: Alexandra KononovaArtwork Title: Surrealism, Photopea- Computer GraphicsStudent Grade: 7
Student Name: Leyang YuArtwork Title: Cartoon Selfie, Photopea- Computer GraphicsStudent Grade: 8
Teacher: Arts Teacher Ms. Banker
Student Name: Bernice LiuArtwork Title: Miniature Parade Float Student Grade: 8
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