State Exams 2023: Computer Based Testing

State Exams 2023

State Exams: ELA & Mathematics- Computer Based Testing
Science Exam: 8th Grade Only will be paper based. 
For school year 2022-23, English Language Arts exam dates are April 19-20.
For school year 2022-23, Math exam dates are May 2-3.
For school year 2022-23, Sci Written exam date June 5. (8th Grade only)
This school year NYCDOE schools will be administering the State Exams on the computer.  I.S. 228 will be participating with grades 6,7,8 for both ELA & Math. 
Students will be completing simulations in both ELA(January 24) & Math (January 26) to prepare for the upcoming exams. 
In preparation for computer-based testing New York State Education Department (NYSED) has provided schools and parents with a public facing Question Sampler.  The Question Sampler will allow for parents and students to preview test questions in the platform that closely resembles the Secure Browser. The Sampler gives parents and students the opportunity to practice using the built-in features like the highlighter, notepad, and answer eliminator, all of which will be available to all students taking the computer-based test.  Additionally, schools will offer students the opportunity to administer practice exams utilizing the platform (Nextera Secure Browser) used for the operational administration.