Family access to DOE Grades in NYCSA

For families to access a student assignment grades the process is as follows:

Step 1 - Go to NYCSA (New York City School Accounts) - (if you do not have an NYCSA Account please contact your school for login information.) and sign into your account.


NYC Schools Account page


Step 2 - Click on the MyStudent card on the left side of the screen towards the top.

MyStudent card


Step 3 - Please select the “SELECT” button below the name of the student to continue.

Select button


Step 4 - Select the Assignments tile next to the Grades tile at the top of the page.

  • In the Grades tile you will find course level grades and report cards both current and past.
  • In the Assignments tile you will find the assignments for those classes/courses with the grades for each assignment.
Grades and Assignments tiles
Step 5 - You can now see the entire list of assignments for the student.
List of assignments for the student
You can narrow your view by selecting one of the 4 pull down menus at the top of the view.
Four menus on top of the view
  • Term
  • Marking Period
  • Subject/Course
  • Category

Please Note that grades will be available for listed assignments after the teacher for that course releases the grades for parent/student view.