Parent Teacher Conferences: March 14

When are parent teacher conferences?


Thursday, March 14 --12:20-2:20pm & 4:30-7:00pm

5 minute intervals


How do I sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences?

Click this link and sign up for each of your child's teachers:

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

What happens if there are no more time slots available for the upcoming Parent Teacher Conference? (All teachers will post links by Monday, March 11 by 2:20pm)

The parent/guardian can email the teacher(s) that have no more slots after 3/12. You can use the Staff Directory to locate and email the teacher. The teacher will then find a time to set up a conference with you during other Parent Engagement time. 

What is the time and day for the ½ day?

Students will have a ½ day on Thursday, March 14. Students will be in school from 8:00am-11:20am. Students will dismiss at 11:20am. Students will receive lunch in school. There will be bus service. No after school.


Will my child receive a report card?

There are no report cards at this time. Teachers will review 2 marking period grades and how they are currently performing for the 3rd quarter. Teachers can also discuss mid year diagnostics. The 3rd quarter ends March 31. 


How do I access my child’s google classroom?

You will need to use your child’s doe username and password to log in to have access to the classroom to read any notifications. Parents cannot comment on google classroom. If you need to contact a teacher please use our staff directory on our school website.

Staff Directory


How do I access my child's current grades/assignments? 


I have academic concerns, who can I bring my concerns to?

Your child’s Grade Level Assistant Principal should receive all your academic concerns. 

6th Grade- Ms. Schneider [email protected]

7th Grade- Ms. Liberta [email protected]

8th Grade-Ms. Johnson [email protected]


My child is having issues with another student who can I bring my concerns to?

You will contact your child’s Grade Level Dean

6th Grade- Mr. Mohassib [email protected]

7th Grade- Ms. Escobar-Monti [email protected] 

8th Grade-Mr. Arce [email protected]