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The Dance Department at David A. Boody Middle School offers one of the most comprehensive middle school dance educations in Brooklyn. Dance classes are held daily in a mirrored studio with a sprung marley professional dance floor. The 3-year program starts in 6th grade. The curriculum focuses on all genres of dance and are taught skills and techniques; including Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Social Dance, Lyrical and World dance. Ballet is taught with ballet barre and teaching artist from local and professional dance companies. By attending performances, students gain an appreciation for the Arts.

As participants in the City Center, Joyce Theater and the Brighton Ballet Dance Theater, students attend live performances and attend workshops to further their dance education. David A. Boody enjoys special partnerships with: MOMA, New York City Ballet, TADA, Creative Outlet, The Parsons Dance Company, and Together in Dance. These rich experiences prepare these students for exciting careers in dance and build self-esteem that will help these students to strive. David A. Boody's Dance program is geared to prepare the students in not only the technical aspects of dance, but to become more creative children, committed to the enrichment of society.

Dance Shows:
Spring Show- Quarantine
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