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In the Digital Art magnet we use Photoshop and Illustrator to learn basic concepts of design and the difference between a raster image and a vector image. Photoshop is a tool mostly for the use of retouching and editing photographs and images and Illustrator is a tool used for image creation purposes. We also will learn the ins and outs of product design and the basics of animation. 

Grade 6 Topics

6th Grade: In the 6th Grade magnet, we begin to learn basic Photoshop design techniques. You'll learn how to work with layers, combine images, add creative graphics, text, and effects. You'll use these skills to combine design assets into a simple, unique composite for print or online use. 

Grade 7 Topics

7th Grade: In the 7th grade magnet, we begin to expand their skills and knowledge of techniques learned in Photoshop.Students will be able to design and create their own brushes, fonts and compositions.Through Photoshop, we introduce basic animation using frames and tweening.  We also introduce Illustrator to create logos, brand and promotional design, illustrations, digital drawings and web graphics. 

Grade 8 Topics

8th Grade: In the 8th grade, students will transition their skills in all programs to an intermediate and more advanced level. They will begin to learn about more advanced techniques in Photoshop such as adjustment layers, layer masks, effects and animations. They will also begin to learn more advanced tools and techniques to create vector-based illustrations, freehand designs, and complex shapes In Illustrator.

Partnerships or Shows

Partnerships: PS Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Games4Change

Students participate in program, poster and T shirt design for the Musical Magnet Theater shows. 

Students also participate in STEAM night and Festival of the Arts each year.


Visual Arts Middle School Talent Testing Virtual Components

Supplies needed for this application:

  • #2 graphite pencil 
  • Eraser 
  • 2 pieces of 9x12" drawing paper 
  • 1 piece of lined loose-leaf paper (or written responses may be typed) 
  • Set of 12 Crayola colored pencils 

Please do not submit a portfolio or any additional artworks besides the 3 required assignments listed below. It will not be reviewed. Submit photographs only, no videos. Required file type: JPEG or PDF, please no HEIC or TIFF files. Make sure images are the correct orientation and be careful of the contrast when scanning drawings.

  1. “Observational” Still Life Drawing

Create a drawing with ONLY a #2 graphite pencil on 9x12” drawing paper of a multiple object still life composition. Spend approximately 30 minutes on your drawing. We will be assessing the line quality and proportions of your work. Take up the entire page and you may use shading to enhance your drawing. Do not crop any of the objects in the still life. Only create a still life drawing from the photos provided, do NOT trace the photo or use color.

Choose 1 view of the still life from the photographs linked on the Mark Twain website.


  1. A Themed Drawing from Imagination using Color

Work on 9x12” drawing paper using a #2 graphite pencil and a set of 12 Crayola colored pencils. Choose 1 drawing prompt from the 4 different choices listed below. At least 2 people should be included in your drawing that are not stick figures and your work must include color. Both figures should be full length (head to toe), and at least 1 should be standing. Include the faces of both figures. Spend approximately 30 minutes on your drawing. Only select one of the drawing prompts.

Drawing prompt choices:

  1. A day in the park  
  2. A day at the beach 
  3. A trip to the market 
  4. A family outing (NOT a birthday party) 
  1. Comparing and Contrasting 2 Artworks

Students will compare and contrast 2 different artworks, writing at least 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be at least 4-5 sentences. Spend approximately 30 minutes answering the following questions: How are these pictures similar? How are they different? Use complete sentences and good grammar. Answers should not be in the form of a Venn diagram. You do not need to research or know the name of the artwork or artist, just share your observations. Only write about the 2 provided artworks, not any other artworks.