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Do you envision yourself immersed in the wonderful word of computer graphics, creating graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, logos, illustrations or animations? Well, this is the magnet for you! You will learn to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate "customers" through the use of digital illustration, photo-editing software, and layout software to create designs. With the use of Photoshop and other online programs, you will be able to combine technology and art to communicate ideas through images and text. Other topics covered within this course are design layout and select colors, images and typefaces, incorporating changes recommended by "clients" into final designs and reviewing errors before publishing.

6th Grade: In the 6th grade Digital Art magnet, students are just beginning to learn the basics of Photopea and Gravit. We will learn the ins and outs of each interface and begin to explore each tool’s efficiency to begin editing and recreating images. They will begin to understand the importance of the Elements and Principles of Art and how they apply to the world of Graphic Design.

7th Grade: In the 7th grade Digital Art magnet, students will continue to explore and refine the tools and skills learned in 6th grade and begin to have a better understanding of the use of each program. We will also explore other platforms like Krita, Canva and Youidraw.

8th Grade: In the 8th grade, students will transition their skills in all programs to an intermediate and more advanced level. They will begin to learn about more advanced techniques in Photopea such as adjustment layers, layer masks and effects. They will also begin to learn more advanced tools and techniques to create vector-based illustrations, freehand designs, or complex shapes In Gravit.


Welcome to the world of Graphic Design!


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