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Musical Theater

Students in this magnet perform in a choral setting, as well as yearly musical theater performances.

In the sixth grade, students learn singing, acting, and movement basics. Students are introduced to monologue and solo work and perform throughout the year.

Seventh grade Musical Theater students continue to learn about acting, singing, and movement and in this year students begin to prepare for their high school auditions as well as continue to perform in musical review and non musical theater performance.

The eight grade brings the culmination of three years of work with the production of a full scale Broadway musical. Previous shows include "Grease" and "The Wizard of Oz".

There are many opportunities for performance for Musical Theater magnet students including performances at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn Cyclones Games, yearly production of "Dragon Slayer" (an original musical performed in conjunction with the Council for Unity) as well as opportunities to attend Broadway shows.

Drama Talent Application Instructions

Please submit a video recording of you giving a one to two minute monologue (a speech given by one character), of your choice, from a play or book of monologues. The piece must be memorized and performed, not just read. 

  • Your official first and last name 
  • Your Student Identification number (OSIS number) 
  • Why did you select this monologue to perform? 
  • Why did you want to be part of Drama Talent?


Vocal Talent Application Instructions

** Please set up your recording device so that your body is visible from the waist up. You should be standing in the video. You cannot use a microphone or headphones. **


Perform your Vocal Solo:

Prepare and submit a video of you performing ONE prepared solo without accompaniment. (Singing without accompaniment means singing by yourself. You cannot use a karaoke track, pianist or have any instruments accompanying you.) 


Musical Theater Shows:
Dragon Slayer 2020
Count on Me
Musical Variety Show