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Students accelerate in various science fields beyond the usual curriculum.


Grade 6: Biology


This course is an introduction into the study of biology-the study of living things. The course will examine single-celled organisms, simple multicellular organisms, and humans. The life functions and systems of the organisms will be discussed and compared. The goal of the course is to give the students a basic understanding of biology and to build scientific literacy.


Grade 7: Forensics


7th Grade Science Magnet focuses on Forensic Science. During the year students get to explore a variety of subjects related to the field. Students have a variety of Projects that help them become better public speakers as well as researchers. Students also get the opportunity to share speeches on topics they feel strongly about. Within Forensic Science, students also look at other similar areas of study. Students explore Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, and many other subjects that are closely related. Students also participate in investigations and look at evidence to figure out mysteries that may have not been solved. A major part of Forensic Science is practicing skills that will be useful for students in their bright futures ahead.


Grade 8: Earth Science


The Earth Science Magnet class prepares students to take the New York State Earth Science Regents in June.  Students will take a lab practical prior to their exam which accounts for 15% of their test grade.  The class will follow the Earth Science Core Curriculum to prepare for the Regents exam. They will be studying Astronomy, Meteorology, Weather, and Geology.