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Advanced Mathematics Magnet

In Advanced Math Magnet, we get to dive into the world of WHY and HOW.  Through discovery based learning we can truly understand the meaning behind all of the math we see in the world around us. As a group, we work together to complete challenging and exciting tasks.  We even complete them on the computer to enhance the way we type up and display our mathematical thinking.
This year we were able to discover more about the geometric aspects of math by following the High School Geometry Curriculum.  Our students explored constructions by using just a compass and a straightedge to create basic shapes to then ultimately branch out and create mesmerizing images.  (see images for fun examples) We use to explore the beauty behind graphing as well! 
Even during this new time of learning virtually, we had some fun art projects exploring Isometric Cube Cutouts (see images for fun examples). 
Want to explore a non-routine thinking problem that we always tackle each year on your own?! Give the one at the bottom of the screen a shot. Enjoy the challenge!