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Advanced Mathematics Magnet

In Advanced Math Magnet, we get to dive into the world of WHY and HOW.  Through discovery-based learning we can truly understand the meaning behind all of the math we see in the world around us. As a group, we work together to complete challenging and exciting tasks.  


The magnet students explore the real-world problems through different geometric figures and transformation upon them. They analyze size, shape, and location of the object using different situations and different approaches.  This year students work with challenging projects using technology and working with their assignments outdoors. Students work with geometry/art projects and create art images using in addition to mathematical description of these objects through the different types of equations.


We create in our magnet classes the atmosphere where students are doers instead of mere answer getters, they involve themselves in productive struggle, and demonstrate their belonging to one creative group of advanced students.



6th Grade: In 6th Grade Advanced Math Magnet, Students will go through exploring middle school geometry. They spend the year covering the geometry strands that are covered in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.


7th Grade: In 7th Grade the students discover the geometric aspects of math by following the High School Geometry Curriculum. Our students explored constructions by using just a compass and a straightedge to create basic shapes to then ultimately branch out and create mesmerizing images. 


8th Grade: 8th Grade students continue to work through the HS Geometry standards. Class of 2023 magnet students will take the Geometry Regents. In addition to different existing geometry projects, 8th grade students spend a lot of time practicing with Geometry Regents problems and challenge themselves with Pearson Enrichment.


Partnerships/Curriculum: Savaas Curriculum, Pearson, Math Museum, Emath Instructions.