Staff Member(s)

Mr. Crespi, Mr. Maffai, Mr. Monti, Ms. Pugliese, Mr. Raimondo


The Athletics Magnet is a three year comprehensive program that promotes life values such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, cooperation, and discipline through sports while contributing to physical growth and development. The health and welfare of our student athletes is our primary concern. Efficient teamwork, good citizenship, and academic achievement are expectations of our students.

Grade 6 Topics

Students can utilize the smaller class size and more competitive environment to improve their skills and learn different sports that larger classes may not be able to; such as team handball, flag football, hockey, wiffle ball and small group games.

Grade 7 Topics

Students will have more responsibility when it comes to organizing games and matches on their own.  Taking the learned skills from the 6th grade students can apply these strategies in an even more competitive environment.

Grade 8 Topics

Students have now learned the rules and regulations of their sports from the previous years.  They will now get the opportunity to showcase these skills with their peers and be able to play longer seasons within each sport.  The high levels of competition keeps our students engaged and sets them up for what High School sports and Physical Education classes will be like.

Partnerships or Shows

Magnets will collaborate with each other to create a friendly competition between grades.  Competing with different grades gives the students a chance to work hard to earn a spot for one of those showcases.



Applicants will be tested on their ability to perform three physical education activities (including soccer dribbling, basketball, and baseball catching and throwing) designed to determine coordination, balance, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, depth perception and motor skills. They are to report with sneakers and comfortable loose fitting pants (sweatpants or gym shorts) and a T-shirt.