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The creative writing magnet allows students an opportunity to get in touch with their imagination and bring their inventive thoughts to life through writing.  Students will be exposed to many varieties of writing such as poetry, fiction, playwriting, journalism and non fiction. Students are encouraged to share ideas through collaboration and creativity. Writing activities encourage individuality and freedom of expression. If students encounter writer's block, they are prompted to visit some of our classroom or online resources for inspiration. The environment of the class is one that helps students develop their own sense of inspiration through developing writing over time. 

Grade 6 Topics

The 6th grade magnet begins with introducing students to innovative ways of thinking about language and writing. We begin to develop the skills necessary to understand critical elements of writing such as plot and character development. We are also introduced to genre and form of various writing styles. 

Grade 7 Topics

The 7th grade magnet deepens the foundational skills developed in 6th grade to the next level while introducing a new set of elements as they continue to find their individual style/voice in writing. Students begin to develop more expertise in project based learning styles and expanding their own interest in specific genres. As the year progresses, writers will be given choices and free write options as they prepare to enter 8th grade.

Grade 8 Topics

The 8th grade creative writing students take their cumulative skills and embark on a wide variety of topics and forms of expression. Using the model of project based learning, writers will be able to choose the style of writing they would like to explore for each unit. Some of their writing topics are freely chosen while adhering to the current project. This allows them to produce their best writing due to the practical knowledge they have gained in the 6th and 7th grade. Students in 8th grade have crafted a deep and wide ranging ability in drafting, revising, and editing. Creative options are encouraged to express their own unique voice and style 

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Creative Writing Aptitude Test Description

The Creative Writing Talent entrance exam is a traditional paper based exam which includes 60 multiple choice questions worth one point each and one extended response essay worth 40 points. The multiple choice questions cover a variety of topics, including subject/verb agreement, punctuation, reading comprehension, sentence structure, vocabulary, the writing process, and literary elements. The extended response essay is based on a passage that students read during the exam (similar to the NYS ELA Exam). 

You will need to bring a few No. 2 (or HB) pencils. Any necessary scrap paper will be provided.