2020-2021 » Remote Learning Schedules

Remote Learning Schedules

All students should have received the following classes:
1 Math
1 SS
1 Science
1 Minor (Example: Dance, Art, Music, Comp Math, Life Skills, Health, ELA Enrich)
1 Phys Ed
Students will also have two "free" periods. This is your lunch period and asynchronous periods. You have one full period to take a break from the computer and sit and have lunch. The other period you are to use to complete any work you were unable to finish during the other periods. There will also be teachers available for extra support.
**Attendance Reminder: Attendance will still be taken on the grade level google classroom. Students must go to their grade level classroom (Class of 2021,2022,2023) first to complete their attendance then proceed to their other classrooms. Attendance form closes at 11:30am. There is no exceptions.
How to access ZOOM: 
  • Go to www.is228.org
  • Go to Teachhub
  • Click on zoom app
  • Click Join meeting
  • Put in Meeting ID Put in Meeting Password
  • Click join using browser
  • You will find Meeting ID and passwords in each of the assignments.
  • We are no longer using Zoom links.
  • There will be no links provided.
Example of what you will see:
Meeting ID: 871 4420 2392
Password: 141335
  • We are suspending Dual Language & Magnet Programs during this Blended/Remote programming. This is to ensure the city’s mandated programming guidance
  • All students will receive the arts & technology minors
  • Student Schedules will be emailed tomorrow
  • All students will be using the DOE platform logging into Google Classroom
  • Google Classroom will be set up and viewable tomorrow with all their classes
  • All students will be using the DOE platform to log into Google Classroom
  • All students will receive live instruction every day for the first 20 minutes of the period
  • Students must be present for every period in class in the in-person model OR remote learning
  • School begins at 8:30am and dismiss at 2pm.
  • Doors will open at 8:20am
  • All students will be arriving in the school yard on West 4th street.
  • Students will receive grab and go breakfast and lunch they will eat in the classroom during instruction.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times except when they are eating
  • Mask breaks will be schedule.
  • All our books are digital. There will be minimal amount of supplies needed.
  • We are requesting all students have their cameras turned on and a working microphone during live instruction.


COVID protocols

We predict there will be a survey that parents will need to fill out before sending their students to school.

Temperature checks will be randomly taken.

How does my child log into the TEACHHUB?
How do I use zoom?
Here is a tutorial on how to log into zoom. 
Having trouble with technology and need support? We have a tech team to help you out! 
6th Grade 
  • Ms. Tweeddale 
7th Grade 
  • Ms. Joudeh
8th Grade 
  • Ms. Wulff