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Ms. McNair


Life skills magnet helps students engage with social emotional learning and effectively with the events and challenges of everyday life. My goal for my students is to continue to work toward becoming college and career ready.  Another goal is to ensure that our students leave here equipped to transition to life outside of these four walls. Some of our focuses are goal setting, decision making, empathy, and many other critical skills we will take with us and use for our bright futures ahead.

Grade 6 Topics

We begin our life skills journey by working to get students acclimated to their new setting! The class tours important places in the building to ensure they are confident in traveling on their own from class to class for the first time. Then we focus on how to effectively develop new friendships, digital citizenship, how to write an email, and self-awareness. 

Grade 7 Topics

By the second year of life skills, we have acquired some of the fundamental skills needed to thrive in our new setting so we can focus on more concrete skills such as career planning, SMART goal setting, budgeting, public speaking, effective communication, and enhancing our leadership skills.

Grade 8 Topics

The year begins with students exploring their high school options.  Soon after we transition into high school application help. Once high school applications have been submitted, we continue to focus on goal setting to ensure that we have the right steps to reach our goals.  Some of these skills include college and career readiness and other skills that are transferable between high school and college.  Some of these skills are time management, how to effectively deal with peer pressure, responsibility, empathy and respect.

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RAPP, Ever-Fi, Digital Leadership