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Ms. Wulff


In Coding Magnet, we use’s platform to learn concepts, skills and underlying ideas to build various projects using code at every grade level.  By the end of the 3 year program, students will have an understanding of Game Design, Iteration, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

Grade 6 Topics

In the Fundamentals of Computer Science, we stack blocks to understand and develop computer science skills such as syntax, conditionals, functions and events. The use of block-based coding is an essential stepping stone to learning an existing programming language. The language 'under the hood' of's block based learning is JavaScript. We will also learn about Video Game Design using a platform called Gamestar Mechanic.  We will study concepts of gaming, such as Elements of Gameplay, Continuous Iteration, Replay Value, etc.

Grade 7 Topics

In our Computer Science Discoveries curriculum, students learning HTML and CSS for web development, allowing them to create webpages and multi-page websites.  We also introduce JavaScript while incorporating other skills such as Debugging and Iteration to create interactive animations and games. App Lab and wireframing will also be introduced to create fun and useful apps that can be played on a phone

Grade 8 Topics

On's Web Lab, we are creating animations and interactive games using JavaScript. We use's App Lab to design and create mobile apps that can be played on your phone or device. Using App Lab and Adafruit’s Circuit Playground, students will also develop programs that utilize hardware inputs and outputs using circuit boards.

Partnerships or Shows

CS4ALL, Games4Change, CSED week, Hour of Code Week



Hundreds of students in Ms. Wulff's Magnet class completed at least an Hour of Code this year


Using Wireframes to develop our concepts before creating our mobile apps


JavaScript is the language of the internet, making sites interactive and fun for the users